Top 5 Fastest Crossbow Review & Buying Guide

When it comes to shooting, speed can play an important role in success. Due to the fact that it provides a flat trajectory, the arrow will travel at a longer distance when compared to an arrow from a slow crossbow. However, even if the arrow travels for longer, it doesn’t mean that it will hit the target. Your skills and experience play a very important role too. Regardless, our team of experts has handpicked the models that are worthy of your time so you don’t waste your funds.

Top 5 Fastest Crossbows Compared

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Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow
Barnett Whitetail Pro STR
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation
  • It provides superior accuracy
  • Equipped with numerous safety features
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Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow Kit
Carbon Express Intercept Axon
  • Designed and assembled in the USA
  • Suitable for military needs
  • Designed for left and right-handed people
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Barnett Ghost 420 Revanant CRT2
Barnett Ghost 420 Revanant CRT2
  • It provides efficient balance
  • The scope is illuminated
  • Accessories are included in the package
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Excalibur Crossbow Matrix Bulldog
  • Easy to control by beginners
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The scope is straightforward to calibrate
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Barnett TS390 Crossbow
Barnett TS390 Tactical Series
  • It has a quiet operation
  • The scope is of high quality
  • Designed with safety features
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Barnett Whitetail Pro STR – Best for affordability

Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow

If you’re looking for a fast crossbow yet you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is one of the models that you should consider. The limbs are laminated which means that they will maintain the same efficiency even if you expose it to below freezing temperatures. Also, the trigger has been created with TriggerTech which means that it will deliver a smooth creep so you will have a crisp release at all times. The anti-dry-fire system will prevent accidental shots without a bow in place.

The scope that comes with is multi-reticle which means that you will have the ability to choose from a range of colors. It’s also weather-proof and shock-proof which means that you can take it wherever you go. The butt pad and cheek piece will allow you to position the crossbow comfortably on your shoulder so you don’t have to experience shoulder fatigue or pain. The Step-Through Riser will shift the weight from the riser to the stock for stability.


  • Speed: 400 Feet-Per-Second
  • Draw Weight: 165 Lbs.
  • Kinetic Energy: 140 FP
  • Weight: 6.9 lbs

This model is made for those that are looking for a powerful crossbow. This model has been made with numerous features which prove to be very efficient and practical. This crossbow is durable and resistant which means that you will be able to enjoy it for numerous years to come.

Carbon Express Intercept Axon – Best for adjustability

Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow Kit

In case you’re after a professional looking model, we recommend this product. This crossbow has been designed with a pending patent that will accommodate the needs of those that will use it for hobby or professional purposes. You will enjoy the fact that it has an adjustable length-of-pull fit so it provides superior accuracy at all times. The AR stock can be adjusted in 5-positions in order to ensure a customizable fit regardless of your needs and specifications. The rail system is multi-position so you can mount as many accessories as you wish.

Furthermore, the foregrip will provide you the option to choose between 6 positions for comfort and fit. The CNC machined trigger box housing will provide a clean and smooth release at all times. In addition to this, the 4 x 32mm multi-reticle scope provide red and green illumination in order to provide visibility in low-light conditions. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that you will be covered by 5-Years warranty against any damages.


  • Speed: 360 Feet-Per-Second
  • Draw Weight: 175 Lbs.
  • Kinetic Energy: 122 FP
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs

We recommend this model for those that want to make the crossbow function according to their needs. All of the features integrated into this model will allow you to make the product shoot and fit however you like. It’s also ambidextrous which means that it can be used by a wide variety of people.

Barnett Ghost 420 Revanant CRT2 – Best for performance

Barnett Ghost 420 Revanant CRT2

This is simply one of the fastest models as it has been designed with 420 FPS. Even though it has an impressive power, the strings have been designed with string oscillation which means that the vibrations and noises will be absorbed. Additionally, the limbs and cams have been designed with aluminum which will ensure efficiency at all times so you can hunt big game such as bears and elks. Also, the CRT riser will shift the overall weight towards your shoulders in order to make sure that the balance is always met.

Its Frictionless Release technology will provide accuracy as the trigger system is smooth and it provides zero creep. The anti-dry fire and the spring-loaded safety bar will ensure that the crossbow is long-lasting because it prevents from accidental shots without the bow in the correct position. The side-mount is easy to adjust even if you have big hands or if you’re wearing gloves. Therefore, this allows hunters to manage it easily.


  • Speed: 420 Feet-Per-Second
  • Draw Weight: 185 Lbs.
  • Kinetic Energy: 149 FP
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs

In conclusion, the reason why we recommend this model for those that are looking for superior efficiency is that it delivers accuracy, balance, and speed. This model is for those that are looking from an efficient crossbow that has been designed to last. The scope has been made to meet your standards even if you’re a professional or a beginner.

Excalibur Crossbow Matrix Bulldog – Best for safety


In case you’re left-handed, you will be thoroughly pleased to know that this model has been designed with ambidextrous cheek pieces. Therefore, you will be comfortable to hold it regardless of what your dominant shoulder is. In addition to this, it has been designed with forehand finger guards which will prevent your fingers and thumb from accidents. Also, the non-slip rubber grip inserts will ensure safety even if you can’t move your fingers properly. The Recoil Energy Dissipation System is shock absorbing so your accuracy will always be the way you expect it to be.

The Quad-Loc riser and the PowerLoad limbs work together in order to send the arrow at 400 FPS. Thus, all you will need to do is to aim and shoot. It’s worthy to mention the fact that if you’re into the Excalibur Matrix series, this model is much more compact than the previous models. Thus, if you’re looking for a narrow design from this company, this will be your best option.


  • Speed: 400 Feet-Per-Second
  • Draw Weight: 280 Lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 14”
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs

Overall, as you may have noticed, this model has been engineered to meet your high expectations. What stands out about this product is that even though it has been made with numerous features, they all work in combination in order to provide safety at all times. We thoroughly like about this model is the fact that it can be easily managed by beginners.

Barnett TS390 Tactical Series – Best for accessories

Barnett TS390 Crossbow

This is one of the fastest crossbows because it has been created with 390 feet-per-second. The device has been created with string dampeners which means that it will absorb vibrations and sounds. Therefore, you will find it easy to blend with your surroundings. Inside of the package, you will receive an illuminated scope, rope cocking device, side mount quiver and, two arrows. In addition to this, you will also receive a lube that you can use in order to help maintain the same effect throughout the years.

The CNC machine flight track will provide a smooth and quiet shot at all times. Due to the fact that it’s made from aluminum, you will be able to use it regardless of weather. The adjustable butt stock will allow you to make it adjust to your own needs and specifications so you can be provided with a custom fit. You will be pleased to know that it comes nearly assembled and all you will need to do is to put the scope on the base.


  • Speed: 390 Feet-Per-Second
  • Draw Weight: 187 Lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 14.25”
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs

We recommend this model for those that aren’t interested in investing further. In case this is your first time purchasing such a product, you will enjoy the fact that it comes with numerous accessories. Due to the fact that there’s a lot of them, you no longer need to invest in it further. You can also adjust some of the parts so they work according to your needs and preferences.

Factors To Consider When Buying

Draw Weight – In case you’re not full of muscles, you need to pay attention to the draw weight. Some models come with a large amount of draw weight which means that it will be difficult to stretch the cables and ropes to their maximum potential. If you have problems with your shoulder and back, we recommend that you consider purchasing a model that has a limited amount of draw weight.

Configuration – You will have the ability to choose between compound, recurve, and reverse draw crossbows. Whatever one you consider depends on your needs and specifications. A compound crossbow is narrow and fast. Whereas a recurve crossbow is much lighter and it produces less noise. A reverse draw has a lighter draw weight but if you damage it, it’s difficult to repair.

Power Stroke – This determines how far back the arrow needs to be pulled back until released. The longer you have to pull it back, the higher the speed will be. However, it’s important to understand that how far back you pull the arrow depends on your skills and needs. Therefore, whilst this feature is important, you have to have experience in order to achieve the perfect shot. As a rule of thumb, the higher the power stroke, the more suitable it is for hunting purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far can a crossbow shoot?

This depends on individual models. A standard crossbow can range between 30 to 50 yards. Nonetheless, some models can cover up to 100 yards if you purchase it for hunting purposes. If you use it for deer hunting purposes, you will find this very useful and practical. You don’t have to worry about ethical hunting because all of the models mentioned will kill the game instantly if it’s shot accurately.

Q: Are these suitable for beginners?

The answer to this question depends on how much weight you can handle. Even though they’re fast how easy it is to handle depends on their built. Some of these models have more safety features than others. Also, some have more features than the others. Thus, even if you’re a beginner, you will find it some of these models suitable for your needs and specifications.

Q: How important is the scope?

This plays a very important role because it contributes to the accuracy of the shot. Unless you thoroughly believe in your skills, we don’t recommend that you use it without a scope. Furthermore, you will find it nearly impossible to shoot in low-light conditions without such an accessory.

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